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Nine students competed in a variety of competitions across Canada, and their hard work should be commended.
Linda Stump, director of competitions, oversees the officials who are charged with coordinating specific competitions: Sally Laird, NCTM, Junior Competitions coordinator; Sigrid Luther, NCTM, Senior Competitions coordinator; Jeanne Grealish, NCTM; Young Artist Competitions coordinator; James Norden, Chamber Music Competition coordinator; and Roger Foltz, NCTM, Composition Competitions coordinator.
In competitions, neither side can create new facts that materially affect the case, but must instead rely upon their understanding of courtroom procedure to support their theory.
Owned by a group of eight dancers who range in age from 19-30, NHPA sets a high standard for presenting compelling choreography at competitions.
LANCASTER - Five young musicians who won the annual classical music competitions sponsored by the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra and Master Chorale will perform Feb.
This commentary highlights problems evident to me as a reader of NSERC proposals, and attempts to disseminate information to the greater community, to remove some of the mystery behind decisions that come out of NSERC competitions.
The implication of public-private competitions and outsourcing for financial executives is that government business is likely to become a mainstream business line for an increasing number of companies.
The Service should put minds at ease by stating officially that the current Olympics (and other national and international competitions that do not give prize money) are "amateur competitions.
and other local and regional competitions during the past decade.
Unlike business plan competitions, in which contestants pitch their own ideas to investors, students participating in VCIC play the role of investors and review pitches presented by real entrepreneurs.
Reservations: Rooms booked under Adrienne Wiley and the MTNA East Central Competitions.
So have renowned European competitions like Vama and the Prix de Lausanne, and newer competitions like Youth America Grand Prix.

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