Competition Appeals Tribunal

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Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT)

a body established by the ENTERPRISE ACT 2002 to hear appeals in regard to ‘disputed’ merger cases. The OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING has the power to refer proposed mergers and takeovers to the COMPETITION COMMISSION for investigation if it believes that the merger/takeover would ‘substantially lessen competition’. If, in the OFT's view, this is not the case, it can allow the merger/takeover to go ahead without reference. This is where the CAT comes in. An interested party (e.g. a competitor of the companies involved in the merger) may ‘appeal’ to the CAT that the OFT decision not to refer is ‘wrong’. The task of the CAT is to arbitrate and decide if there is indeed a case for reference and can ‘order’ a reference to the Competition Commission if it sees fit.
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A two-day hearing of the Competition Appeals Tribunal in London, starting tomorrow, will determine whether the case can proceed to a full trial.
The proposals include plans to extend the jurisdiction of the Competition Appeals Tribunal to hear collective claims and collective settlements.
For instance, in the United Kingdom, the review by the Competition Appeals Tribunal of a prohibition order of the Competition Commission is not a full review of the competitive effects of the transaction, but rather the inquiry is limited to "the lawfulness of a decision and not its correctness." (11)
Cardiff Bus - which is owned by Cardiff council - was ordered to pay PS93,000 in compensation after a Competition Appeals Tribunal found its tactics had driven its rival 2Travel off the road in 2004.
Directors for now defunct cheap bus operator 2Travel had asked the Competition Appeals Tribunal for nearly pounds 20m in compensation - a bill that would have had to be met from public coffers at Cardiff council.
Budget Irish airline Ryanair (LSE:RYA) today announced it welcomed the decision by the Court of Appeal to overturn the February 2010 decision of the Competition Appeals Tribunal.
The challenge to the Competition Appeals Tribunal was confirmed following a meeting of top-flight clubs' chairmen.
This year they were caught up in the Competition Appeals Tribunal case involving the BHB.
The watchdog last week back-tracked on that decision after the Association of Convenience Stores announced it would appeal to the Competition Appeals Tribunal.
The Competition Appeals Tribunal ruled bosses of JJB Sports and Allsports agreed to set the price of a Man United shirt launched in 2000.
The deal, which faced objections from Australian rival IBA Health, was initially cleared by the Office of Fair Trading last year, but in November the Competition Appeals Tribunal set aside the OFT's decision with a ruling that challenged its jurisdiction.