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Short for "comparison ticket," a memorandum between two brokers that confirms the details of a transaction to be carried out.


A confirmation from one broker to another with respect to the details of a security trade. Also called broker comparison, comp.
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A significant amount of discussion is devoted to comparative studies in Poland where the approach evolved since the nineteenth century.
A marriage of these two philosophies in comparative studies is best achieved through on-site studies.
Comparative studies of plaque variants derived from a Florida strain of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus.
As comparative studies inherently rely upon well-established bodies of specialized literature, it is perhaps unsurprising that Crane's contextualization of the more recent period is not as fully realized.
Most comparative studies of arthropods' nonmitochondrial genes, anatomy, and developmental biology don't support the newly proposed tree, says Michael F.
In fact, the curriculum requires that 5-and-6-year-olds make comparative studies of many kinds of family--as though they were sociology students working on their masters' degrees.
This volume is the second in a series of comparative studies carried out by EURYDICE (Education Information Network in the European Community) and is intended to provide indepth analyses of specific issues of major interest for policy decision-makers and educational cooperation at the European level.
Otherwise, it is refreshing to see that the author is familiar with Spanish and Portuguese source material, which is all too often ignored in comparative studies of this sort.
Nevertheless, LeSeur's study of the black Bildungsroman is a unique contribution in the growing field of comparative studies of African and African diasperan literatures, and it will be of use especially to scholars and students who may be unfamiliar with African West Indian authors.
This book contains a brief introduction and overview by the editor, seven chapters on aspects of education in Africa and in particular countries elsewhere (Japan, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Israel, China) and three chapters on international comparative studies of education.

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