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Characteristics of an asset that are similar to those of another asset. Comparables are especially important in real estate when appraising the value of a property. For example, if an appraiser is attempting to determine the value of a house, he may use the comparables of other houses in the neighborhood, such as the number of bedrooms or the square footage, when making the determination.
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In an appraisal, recently sold or leased properties similar to the property under analysis,such that a review of the sales prices of the comps will assist in determining a value of the subject property.The properties need not be identical,as long as they are reasonably similar and the appraiser can make adjustments for features that differ.These may include property amenities,age of the improvements, traffic counts and market area, time and conditions of the sale, and anything else recognized by the market as having value.

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The court found that Lender's appraiser's categorical exclusion of downtown and midtown comparables rendered Lender's appraisal unreliable and internally inconsistent.
The most common method of adjusting the working capital of comparable companies to the level of the tested party is performed using the interest rate of either the tested party or the comparables.
You can also use the system tools to plot your subject and comparable properties on a map, again with the ability to order the comparables as you desire.
Figure 3 shows the highest and lowest performing metro areas among the comparables. Each area's performance is measured by gain or loss of the share of the U.S.
As a practical matter, the MTM method rarely will apply, requiring testing under the comparable profit interval in most cases.
The Givants' appraiser examined six comparable sales for the 2012 tax year and five comparable sales for the 2013 tax year, all of which were located in the Borough.
The New Regulations permit the use of buy-sell distributors as comparables for these kinds of services transactions, if functionally similar, which may be pertinent in commissionaire situations.
* The Service will assist the SBT in selection and evaluation of comparables or the computation of adjustments.
Plaintiff did not obtain any information of the comparables' physical interior or exterior, nor did he personally inspect the comparables.
* External comparables (i.e., costs borne by unrelated companies operating under similar circumstances, in the same country, for comparable employees)
1.4824(c)(2)(iii)(A) analyzes comparable intangible property under comparable circumstances.
In taking this analysis of comparables to extremes, enter Parcels C, D and E, each also having a highest and best use for commercial development Parcel C is located on a major thoroughfare near the intersection of another major arterial street at the center of business activity.