bedroom community

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Bedroom Community

A primarily residential town where most residents commute to work in a larger city. For example, many industrial workers may live in a small town outside the city in which the factory is located; they must either drive or take public transportation to go to work each day. Bedroom communities generally have little economy of their own beyond retail shops for use by residents. They are often, but not always, suburbs.

bedroom community

An area consisting primarily of commuter residences and small local establishments—grocery,laundry,limited dining,and other similar businesses catering to residents—but no large employers.Also called a dormitory town.

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HOUSEHOLDERS living in commuter towns outside Dublin are being urged to cash in on next year's Ryder Cup - by packing up and moving out.
THE Cardiff commuter town of Llantwit Major in the Vale of Glamorgan has been named as one of the most sought-after places to live in Britain.
Now, the commuter town of Cowbridge has been confirmed as Wales' most expensive - with house prices averaging pounds 343,922 according to property website Zoopla.
Those looking in Newcastle-upon-Tyne may do better to consider the commuter town of Morpeth, which became affordable this year, while the city, known for its vibrant nightlife, fell off the list.
PLANS to build homes on the outskirts of a Midland village have been condemned by residents who fear the development will resurrect a scheme to create a new commuter town for Birmingham.
Where and why Tucked away to one side of wealthy commuter town Weybridge is the historic Brooklands racetrack - birthplace of British motorsport.
The only passenger service still operating in the country takes two hours to link central Lagos with Ijoko, a small commuter town less than 30 kilometres (20 miles) away.
Describing her "hand to mouth" upbringing in small row home with three siblings and two struggling actor parents in a London commuter town, Kate explained, "People think I'm lying.
This project is part of a general revitalization of Weston-Super-Mare which has become a commuter town for Bristol, bringing in many new families.
Top of the list was Glasgown commuter town Bellshill in Strathclyde.
There's some great people that live down there but it's a very small-minded commuter town really.