bedroom community

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Bedroom Community

A primarily residential town where most residents commute to work in a larger city. For example, many industrial workers may live in a small town outside the city in which the factory is located; they must either drive or take public transportation to go to work each day. Bedroom communities generally have little economy of their own beyond retail shops for use by residents. They are often, but not always, suburbs.

bedroom community

An area consisting primarily of commuter residences and small local establishments—grocery,laundry,limited dining,and other similar businesses catering to residents—but no large employers.Also called a dormitory town.

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Others among the top 10 booming cities selected by Newsweek are Las Vegas, for its fast-growing economy, Germany's Munich, for its higher employment rates, and India's Ghaziabad, for being a booming commuter town for New Delhi.
Thomas's Chapel, grew like so many small towns from a church and market to a pleasant commuter town, complete with very proper drains.
A small town-house in the commuter town is also expected to fetch EUR6,500 by sleeping four during the week.
Born in Brooklyn, I was raised in Middletown, New Jersey--a commuter town that lost almost 50 people on 9/II.
Shimamoto is a commuter town of about 30,000 located between Osaka and Kyoto.
the Toronto-proximate commuter town best known for its pricey lake-front properties, upscale eateries and quiet executive enclaves.
Now it's another commuter town for people that work in the San Fernando Valley.
Sadly, I think the future of Huddersfield is as nothing more than a commuter town with a centre largely populated by students.
Cala Homes have launched a new apartment development in the commuter town of Larbert, near Falkirk.
know the city of Los Angeles inside out, though, and they are always happy to share their insights about the many travel options throughout the famous commuter town.
It also comes at a good time for Blyth as it demonstrates that it is a very good commuter town, while adding to the regenerating of the area.
Now, the commuter town of Cowbridge has been confirmed as Wales' most expensive - with house prices averaging pounds 343,922 according to property website Zoopla.