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They are not the guardians of the Muslims in this country." Members of the BJP and hardline Hindu groups have frequently criticised the provision for separate laws for Muslims and have been pushing for a common code for all Indians.
Mohammad Basheer alleged that the BJP government's move to introduce a common code was part of that party's communal agenda, and said that the BJP was already trying to communalise the education sector.
These transactions, on which each active spectator plays off, soon become the common code for everyone in the room.
The EU is pushing for a common code of law and our governments have already attempted to experiment with trials without juries in some cases.
The scheme binds all participating businesses to a common code of business ethics and customer-centric culture to be visible across staff behaviour, product value and integrity as well as customer support.
"We've been trying to build a common code base across all the platforms so that when we do an update to the game, all the platforms get it," said Paddy Burns of 4J Studios to The Guardian.
Instead, the most common code was the one that identifies headache as a symptom, Dr.
India has been chosen as the best place due to the persistent improvement in factory capacity building through ambitious programme AEPC Common Code of Conduct, DISHA, (Driving Industry towards Sustainable Human Capital Advancement) an initiative of Union Textile Ministry.
Among the topics are the legal system of a bilingual society, Basque and Romance languages as languages with different structures, the search for a common code, linguistic school models in the Basque Country, and current Basque literature.
Such meetings take place every six weeks and bring together national regulators for an exchange of experience on cross-border problems, as well as to work on a common code of conduct and administraive cooperation in order to tackle the inherent risks of cross-border online gaming activities.
But any semblance of a common code connecting microtubules to synaptic activity has been missing.