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Cost, Insurance and Freight

A CPT involving ocean freight. In a CIF, the seller is responsible for paying for shipping and providing a minimum amount of insurance coverage up to the named port of destination, while the buyer is responsible for the transportation risk beyond the minimum coverage as soon as the good or product is loaded onto the ship. Legally, risk transfers when the good or product crosses the outer rail of the ship. A CIF is similar to a CFR, but also requires the seller to provide minimal insurance. See also: Incoterm.

Customer Information File

A file a bank keeps on each of its account holders and other clients. It contains information on account balances, outstanding loans, assets and so forth. It is updated frequently to ensure correct information.


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0-inch 4-color quarter common intermediate format (QCIF, 176x192xRGBW pixels) for high-resolution mobile displays and a large-area 21.
The DVC-1000 can send and receive video at up to a full 30 frames per second with a 352X288 Common Intermediate Format (CIF) resolution at 512Kps transmissions.
The TC35274XB chip delivers Quarter Common Intermediate Format (QCIF)-standard 176-by-144-pixel video at 15 frames/second to the QUALCOMM cdmaOne (IS-95A/B, the North American Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) standard) MSM3300 chipset, while consuming only 35 milliwatts of battery power.

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