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Describes a trader's obligation to accept or make delivery on a futures contract. Related: Open interest.


1. The legal obligation to undertake an activity in a given way at a given time in the future. Usually, commitment refers to the requirement for parties to a futures contract to make or receive delivery of the underlying commodities on the expiration date of the contract.

2. A liability. A commitment is the obligation to make good on an agreement at some point. For example, a borrower makes a commitment to pay back a loan by a certain time.

commitment (loan)

An agreement by a lender to extend a loan on certain terms and conditions and by a certain date. Language making the “commitment” subject to credit approval or underwriting are not true commitments at all, but merely quotes.

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In Angle and Perry's model [2], there are two commitments, namely Continuance Commitment (commitment to stay with the organization), and Value Commitment (tendency to focused efforts) which are contiguous with the variables in the antecedents of the Normative Commitment introduced by Allen and Meyer, but the former are not referring to affective commitment.
Ten times more money is spent on financial commitments than family and friends, but four times more time is devoted to thinking about emotional commitments
In contrast, they spend pounds 87 a month on emotional commitments, but devote two hours, 18 minutes every day to thinking about them.
Meyer & Allen (1997) suggested a three-component model of commitment and developed a scale to measure them which is generally representative across different cultures (Ko, Price, & Mueller, 1997; Sulimand, & ILes, 2000).
Gbadegesin, Menkiti, and Mosley address the issue of ontological commitments from fairly divergent perspectives by also using the issue of the conception of a person as a backdrop.
Japanese industry has been working with the national government to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take other measures to assist in meeting Japan's Kyoto Protocol commitment.
So the Universal Service Administrative Company, which administers the program for FCC, could not write commitment letters telling districts how much they would receive until the money was collected.
the opportunity but not the obligation to make additional investments or commitments at a later stage.
Level two: Considers the needs of other department members to prevent making unreasonable commitments to clients and others.
Four commit to USC: USC has received commitments from four highly regarded Long Beach Poly players.
Nicks says the position was created as a result of three commitments that Domtar made to achieve a higher level of sustainable forest management.
When people feel settled, I feel they are more ready to make commitments to marriage and in other areas of life.