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Describes a trader's obligation to accept or make delivery on a futures contract. Related: Open interest.
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1. The legal obligation to undertake an activity in a given way at a given time in the future. Usually, commitment refers to the requirement for parties to a futures contract to make or receive delivery of the underlying commodities on the expiration date of the contract.

2. A liability. A commitment is the obligation to make good on an agreement at some point. For example, a borrower makes a commitment to pay back a loan by a certain time.
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commitment (loan)

An agreement by a lender to extend a loan on certain terms and conditions and by a certain date. Language making the “commitment” subject to credit approval or underwriting are not true commitments at all, but merely quotes.

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The results of residuals scatter plots presented atest ofassumptions ofnormality, linearity, andhomoscedasticity betweenpredicted dependent variablescores (teachers' Job commitment) and errors ofprediction.
In this section, the effect of IL of private universities on teachers' job commitment has been described.
It used the same trick in reporting some of its 14 777F orders and commitments from DHL.
That said, even without fudging the numbers, Boeing captured more than 500 new firm orders and commitments last week.
The aim of this paper is to answer the question of whether certain variables, such as the way of recruiting and the wages how affect the certain dimensions of employee commitment. Based on the results, the motivation toolkit of the management can be more appropriately compared to the practice.
Researchers have been actively involved in the topic of employees' commitment since the 1960s.
We notice that there is a lack of studies regarding professional commitment of teacher educators.
Teaching as a pious profession cannot be done without commitment, dedication and involvement.
The commitment of teacher towards his or her organization, therefore, becomes very important as it directly affects the students.
This study can be utilized by the management of PU and other public sector universities for designing the job and the working environment by taking into consideration the factors that can have effect on the organizational commitment level of the teachers.
Improving employee commitment is therefore one strategy for firms seeking to better retain and further develop the skills of their ICT workers.
If the PCC and Grab fail to reach an agreement on a new set of voluntary commitments, the conditional clearance on the merger will be reevaluated by the competition body.