commission broker

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Commission broker

A broker on the floor of an exchange who acts as agent for a particular brokerage house and buys and sells stocks for the brokerage house on a commission basis.

Commission Broker

A person on the floor of an exchange who trades securities on behalf of a brokerage or investor. He/she may only make trades as directed by the client, or may have some leeway in the trades he/she makes. For his/her services, this person is paid a commission, which is a percentage of value of each transaction the broker makes. In order to guard against abuse, commission brokers working with discretionary accounts are required to follow suitability rules, which mandate that the broker only make trades in good faith, that is, only makes trades a "reasonable person" would make.

commission broker

An employee of a member firm of an organized securities exchange who transacts orders for the firm or its customers on the exchange floor. Orders flow to the commission broker from the firm's trading desk or from its registered representatives.
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com)-- Alliance Bay Realty, a leading residential real estate brokerage firm, today announced that in just over two years it has grown to become one of the largest 100% commission brokers in Northern California.
Their clients benefit from no commission brokers, free insurance, and an unprecedentedly low 0.
While OPs make apartments easier for brokers to rent, the fee paid by the owner is almost always lower than the standard 15 percent commission brokers usually receive.
The big firms are facing intense competition from discount brokers and mutual funds, a contest they join with a special problem: Many investors are leery of the army of commission brokers who serve as the firms' foot soldiers, seeing them as pushy salesmen peddling whatever investments their employers tell them to.
Smith McKenna offers the cheapest yet most secure investment out there; with no commission brokers, free insurance, and a mere 0.
Smith McKenna's new business model will drive up investor gains even further from passed on cost savings; all while offering service, safety and profits from no commission brokers.
However, the commission brokers receive from lenders is being squeezed as new regulations mean lenders will receive less from PPI payments and early redemption penalties.
May 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The key changes to the business model now include: 'zero' commissions, no commission brokers, reduction by 50% in BID/ASK and savings passed on, and storage fee structure reduced to an amazing 0.
In addition to these fees, brokers often receive a commission for their time, expertise and professional guidance, which is similar to the commission brokers earn for equities, mutual funds and other financial products.
They offer zero commissions, best prices based on spot, no commission brokers, and only 0.
Their interest in us does not rely on any reciprocal order flow, which has been the trend by other institutions acquiring a stake in soft commission brokers.
Corcoran, is a deep discount specialist, which means it charges commissions that are about 70 percent less than the major discounters and even lower when compared to full- commission brokers.

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