commingled fund

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Commingled Fund

1. A mutual fund in which money from several customers is pooled together to reduce risk and cost. Any fund investing a large amount of money is subject to a lower percentage of brokerage fees, and large accounts usually have smaller administrative costs than individual accounts. They also benefit from economies of scale, mitigating risk. However, capital gains in a commingled fund are distributed equally among investors, usually resulting in a smaller return.

2. A normally illegal practice in which a broker mingles his own funds with those of his/her client, making it difficult to distinguish to whom to give returns.
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commingled fund

An investment fund that consists of assets of several individual accounts. A commingled fund is established to reduce the cost and effort required to manage accounts separately.
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For the second quarter in a row, Capital Counsel's Belle Meade Associates composite received the highest ranking in the Bull & Bear Masters category for US Equity Commingled Funds for the three-year period ending March 2019.
The risk classification depends on both the potential exposure to commingled funds as well as the transaction's ability to maintain timely payments on the notes if the commingled funds were lost.
Hinman and law partner John Buddy Wester, who specializes in complex civil litigation, said the facts in DirecTV's case namely that Coley was the sole owner of the LLC and had commingled funds made for a compelling argument in support of reverse piercing.
Portfolio Advisors provide tailored private equity, private real estate and private credit investment solutions through commingled funds and custom advisory solutions via primary partnerships, secondary purchases, co-investments and direct mezzanine investments.
Outside the US, Gaw Capital Partners manages four commingled funds targeting Greater China and Asia Pacific, an opportunistic fund in Vietnam as well as a hospitality fund focused on the Pan Asia region.
"From the commingled funds, Edwards allegedly diverted investor money for personal use as well as to finance other unrelated bond offerings."
Clarion Partners, owner of 100-104 Fifth Avenue, on behalf of one of its commingled funds, announced that a 9,500-square-foot, pre-built full-floor space on the fifth floor of its destination office building is available for immediate occupancy.
This case provides insight as to when tracing of commingled funds is sufficient and when it is not.
"Commingled funds were reluctant to sell properties in a soft market, while at the same time, there were fewer new investors whose investments could have been used to provide liquidity for those wanting to exit," Fazzino recounts.
Since the debtor had commingled the project owner's payments subject to trust fund status with non-trust property, the parties had to trace the commingled funds to determine whether any trust funds were included as part of the alleged preference.
UBP offers a focused range of commingled funds, with our strategy based upon providing concentrated, high-conviction portfolios with clear and segmented profiles.