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An underwriting investment company that offers shares in its mutual funds, or an influential institution that highly values a particular security and thus creates additional demand for the security. In the context of project financing, a developer of the project or a party poviding financial support.


1. An underwriting firm.

2. An institutional investor or high net-worth individual who takes a large position in a security, which encourages other investors to the same. Sponsors exist because other investors trust them to make the correct investment decisions most of the time. See also: Crowd.


1. An institutional investor or a brokerage firm that has a position in a security and influences other investors to establish a position in that security.
2. See underwriter.
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Once something is lost for even one year, it can be lost forever, but the Trainers' Championship thrived and has now got a very good commercial sponsor in place.
com said it was planning to work with Baggies to develop new video content to engage with commercial sponsors and supporters.
There has been an increase in the number of commercial sponsors conducting clinical trials in the U.
lavo, who has worked with clubs, footballers and football associations for nearly a decade, said the move to a winter date would also clash with the 2022 Winter Olympics, which may cause issues for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its commercial sponsors.
I would like to thank the onsite golfers club and the commercial sponsors who have provided the financial support to enable this competition to take place.
Aware of carping that accompanied the city's move to tender for commercial sponsors for the project, councillor Alessandro Maggioni said: "Criticism comes with our job.
Fans taking part in our survey understand that the club needs to attract commercial sponsors to support the development of the club, and that the reported PS6million per year is a good financial deal.
Costs relating to the event were met in partnership with the Ministry of Defence, Welsh Government and through various commercial sponsors.
The judge intervened as a barrister outlined contract details which required Rooney to make appearances for commercial sponsors and to wear a certain brand of boot.
He said the names of commercial sponsors of the union's activities and programs will be announced over the next three weeks.
We are fortunate in having many dedicated and generous supporters and commercial sponsors but the economic conditions are not favourable.

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