commercial mortgage backed securities

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Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

Similar to MBS but backed by loans secured with commercial rather than residential property. Commercial property includes multi-family, retail, office, etc., They are not standardized so there are a lot of details associated with structure, credit enhancement, diversification, etc., that need to be understood when valuing these instruments.

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security

A mortgage-backed security in which the mortgages on commercial building, offices, factories, apartments, and other buildings other than single-family homes collateralize the security. Unlike most other mortgage-backed securities, the structure of a CMBS is not standardized and as a result, it is difficult to assess its risk. It is also called a collateralized mortgage-backed security.

commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS)

Collateralized mortgage backed securities with an underlying pool of commercial (non-residential) loans. See also collateralized mortgage backed securities.

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But a new debacle in commercial mortgage backed securities could derail the general recovery of the debt market, making it harder for properties to obtain the financing that is essential to a more normalized real estate market.

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