Commercial loan

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Commercial loan

A short-term loan, typically 90 days, used by a company to finance seasonal working capital needs.

Commercial Loan

A loan made to a business to finance capital expenditures. "Commercial loan" is a fairly broad term, covering revolving lines of credit, as well as long and short-term debt. In any case, a commercial loan is made by a bank and is used to pay for expenses that the business, especially a small business, might not otherwise be able to afford.
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6m in commercial loan commitments, of which USD150.
3bn in commercial loan commitments, of which approximately USD 800m is currently outstanding.
The commercial loan portfolio is primarily made up of asset based, commercial real estate and equipment finance loans and leases.
CIT Group Inc (NYSE:CIT), a provider of financing and advisory services, revealed on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement for its US commercial bank subsidiary to acquire a commercial loan portfolio from Flagstar Bank (FSB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flagstar Bancorp Inc (NYSE:FBC).
TO) has announced that it has named a commercial loan officer for Columbia.
that a consortium of trade organizations, including NAR, and leading financial institutions is being formed to support the development of a national data base containing information on commercial loans.

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