Commercial invoice

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Commercial invoice

Bill for merchandise sold.
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A statement given by a seller to a buyer itemizing the sale and demanding payment. An invoice may be for the sale of a good or a service. The invoice usually states the names of the counterparties and the goods and/or services purchased, and adds any applicable sales tax or VAT. It may also include the terms of sale, especially if it is a credit sale. An invoice is also called a bill or a due bill. See also: Receipt.
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Is it consistent with the other documents, such as the commercial invoice?
Under a CIF contract, the purchaser is obliged to pay against the tender of a clean bill of lading that covers the goods contracted to be sold, an insurance policy and a commercial invoice that shows the price.
In the case of the commercial invoice becoming the negotiable document, it is important to remember that only copies of documents should move with goods having payment restrictions.
They are also required to submit the electronic copy of the master bill of lading/airway bill and house bill of lading/airway bill, commercial invoice, and packing list to the Advanced Manifest System at least 24 hours before the arrival of the vessel or aircraft.
The requirements for the CEC are the following: completely filled-up Export Declaration (ED); proforma bill of lading; packing list; and commercial invoice.
The exporter's computer systems must be flexible to send commercial invoice data in multiple formats.
In April 1999, WinS added progress payment capability for MOCAS and expanded batch to include MOCAS commercial invoices. SAMMS commercial invoice batch was added in June 1999.
A recent review of Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) commercial invoice processing data indicates that there are still 4.6 million commercial invoice payments made annually that could be eliminated if the purchase card were used as the payment vehicle.
A properly drafted proforma invoice should be a mirror image of your commercial invoice anti as such, will help to prevent trade disputes.
Following production, the vehicles and the related shipping documents (such as the bill of lading, the commercial invoice and the certificate of origin) are sent directly to the distributor ("B" on the illustration).

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