central business district

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central business district (CBD)

Typically the downtown section of a city,generally containing the finance, real estate,insurance, and legal headquarters for the city.

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Liverpool's City Central BID, which covers the retail district, has proved a hit with businesses but the effectiveness of the commercial district BID has been less clear.
The commercial district, which has been a staple in the area for decades, stretches 250 feet along the harbor and main pedestrian promenade leading to the residential and beach access areas.
Established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1980, the National Main Street Center helps communities of all sizes revitalize older and historic commercial districts.
I don't see any logic in the classification that has seen the 14 homes excluded, including that of the main person responsible for the whole place turning into a commercial district," said area councillor Abdulghani Abdulaziz.
The Research Centre for Housing and Construction (RCHC) had already examined the feasibility to establish the commercial district back in 2005, but the land chosen was already designated another development, which led to the project being suspended.
The Commercial District won BID status after a poll in May.
An inviting atmosphere created through attractive window displays, parking areas, building improvements, street furniture, signs, side-walks, street lights and landscaping conveys a positive visual message about the commercial district and what it has to offer
The Qurum Commercial District (QCD) will host a large number of shops, malls and commercial complexes offering varied goods and services, officials said.
NEW ORLEANS' BROAD STREET used to be a major Black commercial district.
The inn is located on a busy street near a commercial district.
With the vote behind them and a building permit firmly in hand, the developers of the Montage plan to start clearing an eight-acre site this summer for the 214-room, seven-story hotel in the city's high-rent commercial district, known as the Golden Triangle.
The Main Street program is a five-year program designed to help a community's downtown or commercial district economic development effort through the establishment of a local organization dedicated to revitalization efforts by hiring a full-time professional manager.

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