Commercial and Industrial Loans

Commercial and Industrial Loans (C&I)

Loans made to corporations and other business enterprises for commercial or industrial purposes. Does not include loans secured by real estate.
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Islamabad -- The stakeholders have agreed to move ahead with these amendments Agriculture, commercial and industrial loans act1973 proposed by the Privatization Commission.
Commercial and industrial loans represent an important line of business for banks and a critical source of funds for business, according to Brian Nerland, KeyBank market president in Alaska.
Commercial and industrial loans contributed $4.5 million (2.2 percent) of the nonperforming total.
Commercial and industrial loans of $250,000 to $1 million dropped by $12.0 billion-nearly 90% of the total decline in C&I loans.
Commercial and industrial loans contracted at a rate of 20 percent in 2009.
One recent example of this is a growing trend by many mortgage bankers to work with large corporations to structure and place commercial and industrial loans for properties they own.
According to the Federal Reserve's most recent survey of bank lending officers, standards for approval of commercial and industrial loans were about unchanged from January to May of this year, and terms on such loans were eased on net.
Commercial and industrial loans, accounting for 16.5 percent of total loans, dropped 3.5 percent, and all loans outstanding at a sample of small and midsized St.
The Federal Reserve Board's October 2008 survey of senior loan officers (covering the months of August, September, and October of 2008), found significant tightening of standards for commercial and industrial loans since the last survey.
Indeed, the volume of commercial and industrial loans at banks grew strongly in 1994 and then last year registered its largest percentage increase in more than a decade (13 percent).
Cary Brazeman, spokesperson for the National Realty Committee, one of the industry's leading lobbying groups, said they are hopeful these measures can help create a lending "climate" more conducive to making commercial and industrial loans and with that real estate loans.
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