Commercial and Industrial Loans

Commercial and Industrial Loans (C&I)

Loans made to corporations and other business enterprises for commercial or industrial purposes. Does not include loans secured by real estate.
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Indeed, the volume of commercial and industrial loans at banks grew strongly in 1994 and then last year registered its largest percentage increase in more than a decade (13 percent).
The $90 billion increase in bank and thrift holdings of business loans in the third quarter of 2007 is one of the biggest quarterly increases ever, and it marks the fourteenth consecutive quarterly increase in the bank and thrift holdings of commercial and industrial loans.
About one-fifth of domestic banks and one-third of foreign banks tightened standards for commercial and industrial loans to large and medium size firms, while the remaining fraction reported little change in lending standards in the period surveyed, q-he reasons cited for tightening included a less favorable economic outlook, a reduced tolerance for risk, and decreased liquidity in the secondary market.
As a result of the loan sale, commercial and industrial loans will decrease by $36.
Another 38% forecast a drop in commercial and industrial loans for the period, while 42% anticipated no change.
While some of these above transactions include assets other than commercial real estate, such as commercial and industrial loans, single-family mortgages, and consumer assets, the report focuses on pools backed by distressed commercial real estate.
The transaction consists of 37% commercial real estate loans, 28% consumer loans, 24% commercial and industrial loans, and only 11% one-to-four family real estate loans.
The key role played by depressed demand in explaining the recent contraction in commercial and industrial loans is pointed up by the simultaneous marked weakness or outright declines in these competing sources of short-term credit to businesses.
Demand for commercial and industrial loans has continued to weaken over the past three months, albeit at a slower rate than reported in the October survey.
Demand for commercial and industrial loans continued to weaken over the past three months, and at a faster rate, than reported in the January survey.
businesses grown at the same rate over time, the curve in chart 2 for commercial and industrial loans would be a flat line at 100.
The firm has extensive experience in the management and sale of distressed financial assets including commercial and industrial loans, mortgages, judgments, accounts receivable and other unsecured trade claims.
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