Collection policy

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Collection policy

Procedures a firm follows in attempting to collect accounts receivables.

Collection Policy

The steps that a company follows in ensuring timely payment of its accounts receivable. Collection policies vary by company. An example of the steps a company can takes involves a friendly phone call to make sure payment is made on time, followed by a firm phone call when a payment is late, followed by a threatening letter, and finally turning the client over to a collection agency. Companies may deviate from their collection policy for long-standing or otherwise trusted customer.
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Moreover, FEF said the design and various components would be able to address problems in the current tax system namely: a narrow tax base; complex collection policies with numerous leakages; cumbersome and costly exemptions with debatable benefits; inequitable taxation of salaried workers; uncompetitive rates vis-a-vis our country's peers; and tax policies that are prone to gaming, evasion, and corruption.
The privacy groups bringing the complaint against Google are asking the FTC to investigate the search giant's most recent change to its data collection policies.
He stressed the need to take advantage of experts and specialists in order to avoid crop diseases of the agricultural commodities in order compete globally, calling for reviewing of fees collection policies in the national roads to avoid influence of the citizens by these costs on the industrial products.
Provide collection services within the constraints of the City collection policies.
I am sure that most, if not all, creche/Montessori providers have strict collection policies in place, however, parents should ensure these are robust.
This is aided by the many examples Pattee provides to support her text, including sample paragraphs from various library collection policies (albeit fictional ones) and one of the many tables offering ways to delve deeply into the procedures of community or collection assessment and evaluation.
Koum said that speculation on the change in privacy and data collection policies at WhatsApp were baseless and unfounded"
The Legion would never support the public naming and shaming of traders who are unable to support the Appeal, and we advise our poppy collectors to follow collection policies and guidelines that may be in place.
The city of Cleveland issued more than 1,300 citations to residents who violated trash collection policies in 2012.
Opposition councillors have seized on the apparent policy disagreement, criticising Labour's waste collection policies during the election.
ISLAMABAD, October 27, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Speakers at a youth seminar on the eve of International Day for Eradication of Poverty Friday urged the government to bring reforms in tax collection policies and provide relief to lower class.
Moreover, there's little evidence that the pounds 250m will be enough to guarantee weekly collections, with many local councils insisting the move will have no impact on their collection policies.

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