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In the context of project financing, additional security pledged to support the project financing.
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Assets pledged as security for a loan. In the event that a borrower defaults on the terms of a loan, the collateral may be sold, with the proceeds used to satisfy any remaining obligations. High-quality collateral reduces risk to the lender and results in a lower rate of interest on the loan.
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Assets with monetary value, such as stock, bonds, or real estate, which are used to guarantee a loan, are considered collateral.

If the borrower defaults and fails to fulfill the terms of the loan agreement, the collateral, or some portion of it, may become the property of the lender.

For example, if you borrow money to buy a car, the car is the collateral. If you default, the lender can repossess the car and sell it to recover the amount you borrowed.

Loans guaranteed by collateral are also known as secured loans.

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Security for a debt.

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Thumb ulnar collateral and radial collateral ligament injuries.
The duck failed to respond to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and analgesia and was diagnosed with rupture of the medial collateral ligament. Extracapsular surgical correction using bone tunnels and circumferential nylon suture on the medial aspect of the intertarsal joint led to a complete clinical resolution with normal return to function 2 weeks after surgery.
Anatomic fibular collateral ligament reconstruction.
Fibular Collateral Ligament (lateral collateral ligament)--this is a strong, rounded, fibrous cord, attached to the back part of the lateral condyle of the femur, immediately above the groove for the tendon of the Popliteus, passing downwards to the lateral side of the head of the fibula, in front of the styloid process.
Abbreviations LCL --lateral collateral ligament MRI --magnetic resonance imaging ACL --anterior cruciate ligament PCL --posterior cruciate ligament BTB --bone--patellar tendon--bone PT --patellar tendon FISP --fast imaging with steady-state precession MPRs --multiplanar reformations The paper has been received: 12.
The ulnar collateral ligament is a short ligament that originates from the metacarpal head and inserts onto the medial aspect and base of the proximal phalanx of the thumb.
The examiner's thumb feels the medial collateral ligament (just distal to the medial epicondyle) and the elbow is taken through full flexion and extension.
But poor results may occur after eminence fractures associated with unrecognized injuries to the collateral ligaments.
A semiconstrained hinged elbow prosthesis is able to compensate for incompetent collateral ligaments associated with chronic fracture dislocations.
(6) The absence of fabellae in the avian stifle requires anchoring the suture to the femoral attachment of the lateral collateral ligament, as in the first patient, or through a hole in the lateral femoral condyle, as described in the second patient.
Medial and lateral meniscal tears usually involving the posterior horns, and medial collateral ligament (MCL) sprains and tears are also commonly associated findings.
In addition to the collateral ligaments, the elbow joint of the dog is composed of the annular ligament, olecranon ligament, and oblique ligament (Campbell; Denny, 1993 and Evans).