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Hierarchical and non-hierarchical cluster analyses were used to create groups of the animals based on the EBVs obtained for the production measures reported above.
We conducted 11 cluster analyses applied to 25 objects (countries) and 6 variables (optimum currency area [OCA] criteria), one analysis for each year for the period 2002 through 2012.
For the second part of the analysis, we used the database for multiple cluster analyses in order to illustrate if we can talk about taxation convergence in the enlarged European Union, in recent years.
The authors investigated 109 MM cases recorded in the Cancer Registry of New Caledonia and performed spatial, temporal, and space-time cluster analyses.
Correlational matrices and cluster analyses were performed using SPSS ver.
Most conventional cluster analyses result in a set of mutually exclusive peer groups, which are almost invariably of varying sizes.
Cluster analyses were performed with and without the demographic variables-gender, years of teaching, and highest degree earned.
Before any cluster analyses were conducted, general frequencies on demographic variables were calculated for the 26 couples (52 individuals) who participated in the experiments.