closing sale

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Closing sale

A transaction in which the seller's intention is to reduce or eliminate a long position in a stock, or a given series of options.

Closing Sale

1. Any transaction that closes a position, especially a long position.

2. An option buyer's sale of a second option that cancels out the provisions of the previous option by having the same provisions.

closing sale

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It shows that it is very challenging closing sales in this current environment," said Kim Heddinger, outgoing president of the Eugene Association of Realtors.
Some 10% more brokers reported closing sales at or above asking price compared to what brokers reported in the second quarter of 2010.
A salesperson should really do just the opposite: spend the most time closing sales with the easiest-to-close prospects.
Take the 60-minutes to view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPad, Kindle or printed out) to learn how sales executives can use insights into a company's balance sheet (whether a private or public company) as a tool for closing sales, especially around the end of the month or quarter.
34, which is equal to the closing sales price of Tekelec common stock on the Nasdaq Global Market on the grant date.
This workshop will provide participants with the latest insights and strategies for identifying sales opportunities and closing sales with the federal government.
All fractional shares resulting from the stock split will be repurchased by the Company at the fair market value of the Company's common stock based on the closing sales price per share on December 10, 2004, as reported on the Nasdaq National Market System.
He will focus his initial efforts on further developing and closing sales leads for PanGo's recently-announced PanGo Locator(TM), a complete 802.
Many business tax registration activities also can be done online, including making address changes and opening or closing sales tax accounts.
ChannelWave's solutions and managed services enable customers to improve business performance during every step of the demand management process, from developing channels to creating demand, managing and closing sales opportunities, managing contracts and pricing, transacting and fulfilling orders and managing customer service, warranties and returns.
While the company will continue to seek alternatives that will allow it to continue as a going concern, it has determined that it has no other choice but to begin store closing sales in all of its locations.
The comprehensive, category-specific vendor listing is provided to help insurers locate the tools available to streamline their new business processing and remove the obstacles to closing sales.