closing price

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Closing price

Price of the last transaction of a particular stock completed during a day's trading session on an exchange.

Closing Price

The final bid and ask price of a security at the end of a trading session. It is also called the closing quote or the market close.

closing price

See close.

Closing price.

The closing price of a stock, bond, option, or futures contract is the last trading price before the exchange or market on which it is traded closes for the day.

With after-hours trading, however, the opening price at the start of the next trading day may be different from the closing price the day before.

When a security is valued as part of an estate or charitable gift, its value is set at the closing price on the day of the valuation of the estate.

closing price

the price of a STOCK or SHARE ruling at the close of the day's trading on the STOCK MARKET.
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In computing the new index, the brokerage will use Friday's closing quotes of the 300 issues on the stock exchanges as the base figures.
But with investors growing cautious due to high oil prices, the gains were limited and the major stock indexes temporarily fell into the negative column before a late bout of buying lifted them slightly above the previous day's closing quotes.
Asahi Breweries will pay 7,900 yen per share by placing a 71 percent premium on the average of the closing quotes of Wakodo shares during the one-month period to Friday.