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I began by creating a 3D rendering of the book stand, showing both the open and closed positions.
Interlocks on handwheel-operated valves, however, usually require several full revolutions between the locked open and locked closed positions.
Remove the batteries from the battery tray and install the tray in the fully closed position.
When the gate stuck in the closed position against the force metre, it didn't have enough torque to then back off from any obstruction," Mr Davies told Aberdare Coroner's Court.
Lock the blades in a closed position by pressing the handles and pulling backward.
Sutcliffe was up against the redoubtable Dave Colledge and, with Bishop against Knight in a closed position, appeared to hold a slightly inferior position.
A valve sticking in the open position causes yield loss as good product is removed, while a valve sticking in the closed position can cause foreign material and defects to not be ejected as desired.
When the valve is tripped to the closed position the micro-switch closes a circuit that can illuminate a remote position indicator on the dashboard, to help ensure that the driver knows that the unit must be manually reset before attempting to restart the engine.
When expanded to the closed position, the locking ring securely locks the door into position.
In use, the probe was pushed into the grain, with the probe's interior turned, putting the oval slots in a closed position.
Then it can be twisted back to its original closed position to be finished later.
In readiness for the kick, his right foot would be behind his left in what we could call a closed position.