close a position

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Close a position

In the context of general equities, eliminate an investment from one's portfolio, by either selling a long position or covering a short position.
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Close a Position

To end an investment; to change from a long position to a short position or vice versa. A long position is ownership of a security or option, while a short position is debt. Thus, to close a long position is to sell a security or option and to close a short position is to buy out the debt.
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close a position

To eliminate an investment position. The most common way to close a position is to sell a security that is owned. An investor might also close a position by purchasing stock to replace shares borrowed for a short sale.
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The walnut trim on the sides and bottom would be mitered along the entire length to allow the front edge of each side to meet and nest together when in the closed position.
Because of this, handwheel operated interlocks need to be able to 'count' the number of handwheel turns in order to release keys in the required open and/or closed positions. Similarly, with gate and globe valves, the closed position can vary through the effects of valve seat wear.
It is available with a Quick Seal drum lid mechanism that readily latches open and shut to expedite emptying or changeout of the drum and exerts heavy mechanical pressure on the lid in the closed position, creating a tight gasketed seal that prevents dust migration.
They are motorized with SMART motor/encoder combination and can be controlled in closed position mode offering high resolution and multi-axes daisy-chain operation, with increased speed and high-speed torque.
* Remove the batteries from the battery tray and install the tray in the fully closed position.
Lock the blades in a closed position by pressing the handles and pulling backward.
Sutcliffe was up against the redoubtable Dave Colledge and, with Bishop against Knight in a closed position, appeared to hold a slightly inferior position.
A valve sticking in the open position causes yield loss as good product is removed, while a valve sticking in the closed position can cause foreign material and defects to not be ejected as desired.
When the valve is tripped to the closed position the micro-switch closes a circuit that can illuminate a remote position indicator on the dashboard, to help ensure that the driver knows that the unit must be manually reset before attempting to restart the engine.
When expanded to the closed position, the locking ring securely locks the door into position.
In use, the probe was pushed into the grain, with the probe's interior turned, putting the oval slots in a closed position. When the desired depth was reached, the interior tube was turned, opening the ports to accept grain.
Then it can be twisted back to its original closed position to be finished later.