close a position

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Close a position

In the context of general equities, eliminate an investment from one's portfolio, by either selling a long position or covering a short position.

Close a Position

To end an investment; to change from a long position to a short position or vice versa. A long position is ownership of a security or option, while a short position is debt. Thus, to close a long position is to sell a security or option and to close a short position is to buy out the debt.

close a position

To eliminate an investment position. The most common way to close a position is to sell a security that is owned. An investor might also close a position by purchasing stock to replace shares borrowed for a short sale.
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The project will rehabilitate the spillway gates to avoid possible jamming in the open or closed positions both of which would result in dam failure and catastrophic regional loss of lives, livelihoods, and billions worth of assets and power.
I began by creating a 3D rendering of the book stand, showing both the open and closed positions.
As well as open and closed positions, the vents can be partially opened or closed with settings of 10% to 90% allowing even distribution air flow in problem areas of the home.
The company's trademark Virobloc "twist lock" was added in 1955 and in 2000 it was modified to work in the open and closed positions.
The reported portfolio gains are unaudited and gains and losses were reported for January 2013 closed positions only.
This enables to flexibly close positions, set stop and limit orders, and provides users with a customisable display of all open and closed positions.
DUBAI: Gulf Arab markets were mixed yesterday, with late buying lifting Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but Qatar and Kuwait extended losses as investors closed positions ahead of second-quarter results.
9 percent to 1,878 points on Tuesday, led by property-related stocks because investors closed positions after major declines in international markets, reports Reuters .
Braytonspaces' Serene sleep chair is easy to operate from the open to closed positions with one smooth motion.
The Copar unit is available in single-acting or double-acting design, both providing the force necessary to operate process control ball, butterfly, and throttle-type valves, not only to their fully open or closed positions, but also to intermediate positions by means of closed-loop positioning technology.
Optional extras include a removable security pin which prohibits unauthorised use of the lever tool, a remote indicator switch which detects and reports when the lever tool in engaged, and a padlock device for locking the valve in either the open or closed positions.
Hem die open and closed positions are programmable via the variable frequency drive (VFD) control.