close a position

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Close a position

In the context of general equities, eliminate an investment from one's portfolio, by either selling a long position or covering a short position.

Close a Position

To end an investment; to change from a long position to a short position or vice versa. A long position is ownership of a security or option, while a short position is debt. Thus, to close a long position is to sell a security or option and to close a short position is to buy out the debt.

close a position

To eliminate an investment position. The most common way to close a position is to sell a security that is owned. An investor might also close a position by purchasing stock to replace shares borrowed for a short sale.
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Williams said ahead of today's game: "Traditionally there have been very good games between us and with the two team teams in close position in the table, hopefully we will witness that again.
The price has reached a top and 5 WMA dives under 12 WMA --> Close position
Citing a close position on many issues, Davoudi said Tehran and Ankara have great potentials to consolidate their relationship, especially in the fields of economy and culture.
One would be a bit wary if either Barefoot Ridge, Kegans Glory or Airmount Rover were in a close position heading down the back, especially at this early stage of the year, but it will be a surprise if the Gleeson flying machine doesn't enter next week's Easter Cup on a fast winning note.
Tenders are invited for Mechnaical Track Jack 15 Ton Capacity Base 280 X 160Mm Height 530 In Close Position Lift Upto 300 Mm From Side And Top
inspection of the valves for full open/full close position.
The IPP will benefit from its close position to a major city (Tuticorin) as well as major port, and also excellent road, rail and air connectivity.
An HP study revealed that while using touch screens, an overwhelming majority of people preferred their screen in a low and close position for 100 percent of touch-related tasks.
We have common goals and very close positions on the major political issues and challenges we are facing, among them the common stand that the bloodshed in Syria has to be stopped and a just and lasting solution to the Palestinian question found through peaceful means.
As mentioned before, investors are now clued up that the Federal Reserve will not be raising rates as soon as the bulls would have liked, which will encourage investors to close positions from time to time.
The 4 in 1 sensor monitors door/window open and close positions, and senses motion, lighting brightness and temperature.
What's been controlling the market is a lack of interest toward blue-chip companies, leaving the market to retail investors trying to close positions before the weekend," said Marwan Shurrab, assistant fund manager and chief trader at Dubai-based Gulfmena Alternative Investments.