clearing member

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Clearing member

A member firm of a clearing house. Each clearing member must also be a member of the exchange. Not all members of the exchange, however, are members of the clearing organization. All trades of a non-clearing member must be registered with, and eventually settled through, a clearing member.

Clearing Member

A member firm on an exchange that is also a member of a clearing house. Clearing members have access to the clearing house for the settlement of transactions. Non-member firms on an exchange must work with and through a member firm in order to settle their own transactions. See also: Clearing fee.

clearing member

A member of a clearing house. Membership in such a house permits the member firm to use it for clearing security trades.
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Our choice for Emirates NBD as a clearing member to carry out the clearing operations for the company's transactions was a natural fit due to the bank's efficiency and outstanding service, as well as its stature as the largest local licenced bank in providing clearing and settlement services to achieve greater protection for investors.
Sebi has decided to make it easier to do business by allowing the grant of a unified licence to brokers and clearing members to operate in commodity derivative as well as equity markets.
The other five Asian clearing member firms are BOCI Commodities and Futures Ltd.
Sponsors should also expect clearing members, investment managers and other parties involved in swap transactions to ask for additional representations to assure compliance, or to protect themselves from liability, with respect to ERISA, Dodd-Frank and CFTC regulations.
requirements of the clearing organization: if a clearing member does not
Two major banks, UBS and Wells Fargo Securities, have signed up with derivatives exchanges in Asia and the US as clearing members.
TIPS supplies more immediate notice of erroneous trades; on-line clearing member trade review; enhancements to the Exchange's audit trail capabilities; and on-line Exchange compliance and clearing corporation trade review.
Summary: The bank is the first UAE-based financial services entity to be approved by SCA -- Securities and Commodities Authority as a General Clearing Member providing clearing and settlement services to trading participants of the UAE's equity markets
CME Group today announced that it will exit the company's credit default swap (CDS) clearing business by mid-2018, freeing up $650 million in clearing member capital.
Emirates NBD, a leading bank in the region, has announced that it will provide Clearing Member services to its subsidiary, Emirates NBD Securities making the brokerage firm, the first trading member to sign with the bank.
The Reserve Bank of India has said that it could be prompted to take action if the use of collateral for purposes, other than those it is intended for, by the clearing member is not contained.