clearing fee

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Clearing Fee

A fee a clearing house charges for its services of handling unsettled transactions.

clearing fee

A charge assessed by a clearing house for clearing securities trades using its own facilities.
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Ann Wangui said she transferred her children to another school when they were sent home for not clearing fees.
In addition, Euronext and LCH SA will work together to achieve a targeted range of reduction in clearing fees of 5% to 15% with effect from January 2019, depending on each specific product and service.
It is part of the OFWs' zero-remittance day," said one protester, who requested for anonymity, adding: "The random manual inspection initially done on balikbayan boxes, allegedly to stop technical smuggling, was a prelude to raise clearing fees that forwarders will automatically pass to the OFWs.
The BOC's planned increase of clearing fees for all containers entering the Philippine ports by as much as P100,000 to P120,000 is expected to pad a cost of $325 (about P1,500) on every balikbayan box, much to the dismay of overseas Filipino workers (OWFs).
The 6% increase in total traded value this quarter was partly offset by a 5% drop in average clearing fees to 2.
Other benefits include automatic risk offsets with our liquid Treasury and Eurodollar futures and options, and reduced clearing fees as futures are not typically subject to additional costs charged by OTC clearing members, CME said.
In addition, the International Commodities Exchange of London has also appreciably lessened its trade execution and clearing fees for commodity futures and options on selected international markets.
3 Transaction-based expenses include Section 31 fees, liquidity payments and routing & clearing fees.
As for transaction taxes - they charge VAT on exchange fees, clearing fees.
The exchange group says that, on average, Frankfurt Stock Exchange participants should see around 11% lower total clearing costs based on Q3 2010 volumes, while clearing fees for transactions on the Irish Stock Exchange will also be reduced by 40%.
Thereafter, it will offer a 50 percent rebate on clearing fees.
But they will pass costs on to manufacturers in the form of invoice deductions or higher clearing fees.

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