clear title

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Clear title

Title to ownership that is untainted by any claims on the property or disputed interests, and therefore available for sale. This is usually checked through a title search by a title company.

Clear Title

The title to a property where there are no competing claims, liens, or anything else that would hinder its transfer. That is, if a property has undisputed ownership, its owner is said to have clear title. An owner with clear title may sell the property without any legal difficulties. Generally speaking, a real estate broker researches a property to ensure that there are no competing claims. See also: Quitclaim deed, Title search.

clear title

Good title; marketable title; title to real property without any defects, liens, mortgages or adverse claimants.

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Insurance companies have a powerful economic incentive to oppose more aggressive title laws or to underreport under existing laws," noting the market-based premium for a clean title at salvage auction.
In addition, he said, rebuilders and car dealers know wrecks of recent models can be rebuilt and sold profitably, particularly when they have clean titles.
All of the vehicles have clean titles, and are already PA inspected.