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Clear title

Title to ownership that is untainted by any claims on the property or disputed interests, and therefore available for sale. This is usually checked through a title search by a title company.
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Clear Title

The title to a property where there are no competing claims, liens, or anything else that would hinder its transfer. That is, if a property has undisputed ownership, its owner is said to have clear title. An owner with clear title may sell the property without any legal difficulties. Generally speaking, a real estate broker researches a property to ensure that there are no competing claims. See also: Quitclaim deed, Title search.
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clear title

Good title; marketable title; title to real property without any defects, liens, mortgages or adverse claimants.

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In many states, the practice of title washing is completely legal or the regulations are so lax that it's not hard for crooks to obtain a clean title.
"When people come to me looking for property, the first thing I advise them is to go for the ones that have a clean title deed, just so they can be on the safe side and avoid the hassle," he said.
Meyer is a principal and the president of the Clean Title Agency, a real estate title agency, in Columbus, Ohio.
A number of these are being offered for sale under clean title paperwork.
But land is often held by small farmers or inhabited by tribal groups, who have neither clear and clean title nor the information and capability to deal on equal terms with a developer or corporate acquirer.
Based in Fairfield, California, and founded in 1982, Copart provides vehicle sellers with services to process and sell salvage and clean title vehicles through the Internet using its patented virtual bidding auction-style sales technology VB2.
The criteria includes that the vehicle must be less than five years old, with less than 80,000 km on the odometer, have a clean title and pass a comprehensive 145 point inspection.
According to Lictor's High Court claim a bid was received from agents operating from Cypriot company Libala for the purchase of Alphasteel for pounds 60m if "clean title to all the assets - including that the hot strip mill" was provided.
This clean title hides the fact that the VIN was previously "branded" as a salvage or junk vehicle, clearing the way for a thief to then sell the stolen VIN-switched vehicle at a higher value.
At a minimum, a lawyer should prepare or at least review all information disclosed to investors that is of a legal nature, such as information on ownership and clean title to real estate and assets, information about the regulatory environment in which your company operates and information about litigation in which your company is involved.
Pointing out that the sale of ECSG involved a new company, Great Leighs Holdings Ltd, Holmes said: "I'm dealing with the day-to-day issues, and my concern is to deliver a clean title for the racecourse, which will satisfy the funders, the new shareholders, the BHA and the racing industry.
"We want to make sure we get a clean title and there is no burden placed on the town."