Options class

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Options Class

The whole universe of option contracts of the same type and style on the same underlying security. For example, all of the American-style calls on Google are considered option class. This class includes all expiration dates and strike prices but does not include contracts of different types, such as puts or European-style options.

Options class.

An options class includes all the calls or all the puts on a single underlying instrument that share some of the same terms, such as contract size and exercise style.

For example, in the case of listed equity options, where all contracts are American-style and cover 100 shares, all the puts on Stock A are members of the same class.

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June 17, 2002--Standard & Poor's today affirmed its ratings on 27 classes of Option One Mortgage Loan Trusts' asset-backed certificates series 2000-3, 2000-4, 2001-1, 2001-2, 2001-3, and 2001-4 (see list).
28, 2001-- Standard & Poor's today affirmed its ratings on five classes of Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2000-3's asset-backed certificates and four classes of Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2000-4's asset-backed certificates (see list).
Pending final approvals, Citadel plans to act as a specialist in approximately fifty classes of options on the CBOE, including options on Micron Technology, Inc.