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City code

a regulatory system operated voluntarily by interested parties to the UK STOCK EXCHANGE that lays down ‘rules of good conduct’ governing the tactics and procedures used in TAKEOVER BIDS and MERGERS. The general purpose of the code is to ensure that all SHAREHOLDERS (both the shareholders of the firm planning the takeover and those of the target firm) are treated equitably, and that the parties involved in arranging a takeover bid do not abuse privileged ‘insider’ information, or misuse such tactics as CONCERT PARTIES, DAWN RAIDS and CHINESE WALLS.

The City code is administered by the City Panel on Takeovers and Mergers, which is responsible for formulating rules of practice and for investigating suspected cases of malpractice. See also INSIDER TRADING.

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City Attorney Glenn Klein said the method of presentation complied with city code.
18 April 2016 - The UK-based Panel on Takeovers and Mergers has granted UK-based environmental data specialist Trucost a dispensation from certain requirements under the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers mainly related to making mandatory annoucements, the company said.
Adam Peters is losing $625 rent a month due to city code violation
To achieve this end whilst still promoting urban food production some cities, such as Sacramento, California, have employed front landscape regulations that include "edible annuals, perennials, and other design elements 'when integrated as part of the landscape.'" Mukherji & Morales, supra note 11, at 6 (quoting SACRAMENTO, CAL., CITY CODE, ZONING ORDINANCE No.
To activate this service, simply SMS the city code to 522.
Rubicon Software Group is also proposing to effect a related capital reorganisation, adopt an investing policy, request shareholder approval of a waiver of obligations under Rule 9 of the City Code and change the name of the company.
Kalahari Minerals also said that the possible offer is subject to a number of preconditions including certain regulatory clearances from the authorities in China and Australia, as well as finalising the financing to the standards required by the city code. The company pointed out that CGNPC-URC reserves the right to waive any of the pre-conditions set out in the announcement.
I don't know whether the ambulance service has changed its system in the last few years, but even they had the city code as 02476.
A city code enforcement officer contacted him and he indicated that he was in the process of obtaining a state business license.
The number is 81 01 474 with country code 00359 and Sofia city code 2.
They're also working on overhauling the city code for older downtown buildings and creating parking options for residential units.
The city of Thornton was one of the first suburbs to embrace and encourage Xeriscaping in city code. Remember, Xeriscaping was spearheaded by the Denver Water Department 30 years ago to save water.

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