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The City

An area in London that forms the center of its financial district. The City is legally called "the City of London" and once formed the entirety of London. The Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange and Lloyd's, among others, are headquartered in the City. In the 1800s, the City was the world's primary financial center and it remains very important. Because of its influence on the wider financial world, the City is often used as a byword for the financial industry in the United Kingdom and its lobbyists. The sheer amount of money traded in the City renders it vitally important to the global economy as well. Interestingly, both businesses and individuals may vote in City elections.

City (of London)

the centre of the UK's FINANCIAL SYSTEM, embracing the MONEY MARKETS (commercial banks, etc.), CAPITAL MARKET (STOCK EXCHANGE), FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET, COMMODITY MARKETS and INSURANCE MARKETS. The City of London is also a major international financial centre and earns Britain substantial amounts of foreign exchange on exports of financial services.
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It is strung out over fifty thousand cities and communities.
Where there have been sharp ideological breaks with the past, as in communist Moscow and Beijing, and in Rome in times of both fascist and papal rule, older buildings were torn down to form the building blocks of cities that went in for big makeovers.
That book was part literature, part journalism, and part sociology; it looked at cities from the sidewalks and street-corners up, not from the Ivory Tower down.
Geographers and planners have long sought to understand this characteristic clumping of humans into towns and cities.
Several articles describe cities with award-winning programs that integrate persons with disabilities into their communities ("Carolyn Keane," 1983, 1986; Cheatham, 1980; "Programs," 1988).
Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor said the Cities Reference Group comprised leading thinkers on cities issues in Australia, as well as internationally renowned experts.
Cities People Planet claims to be a 'resource for responding to the challenges of urbanisation'.
At first, we accepted the conventional wisdom that it was because European cities are so much older, with street plans locked in place before the arrival of the automobile.
The report, "Greening New York's Cities: A Guide to How Trees Can Clean Our Water, Improve Our Air, and Save Our Money," also provides target goals, a "guide to city greening," and "a list of useful resources for all cities interested in urban forestry.

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