Cincinnati Stock Exchange

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Cincinnati Stock Exchange (CSE)

Stock exchange based in Cincinnati that is the only fully automated stock exchange in the US. It has no trading floor, but handles all members' transactions using computers.

National Stock Exchange

The oldest fully electronic stock exchange in the United States. Founded as the Cincinnati Stock Exchange in 1885, it closed its trading floor in 1980 and became America's first fully computerized exchange, largely due to the efforts of Bernard Madoff. Six years later, it became the first exchange to adopt the Intermarket Trading System, which allowed its members to interface with all other exchanges.

Cincinnati Stock Exchange (CSE)

A regional securities exchange dating to 1885 when a group of businessmen met in Cincinnati, Ohio, to auction the shares of several local companies. In 1976 the Cincinnati Stock Exchange replaced its trading floor with a geographically dispersed electronic trading system. The Cincinnati Stock Exchange is now headquartered in Chicago.
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Beginning in February, as part of its market data revenue sharing plan, Island began reporting trades in Nasdaq securities through the Cincinnati Stock Exchange.
Island began reporting its trades to the Cincinnati Stock Exchange during February 2002 in order to provide greater value to its subscribers.
Customer orders are represented directly and electronically as proprietary Specialist quotes on the Cincinnati Stock Exchange.
He is also a member of the board of directors and executive committee of the Cincinnati Stock Exchange and a board member for the North American Electric Reliability Council.
His industry involvement includes service as a board member of the Securities Industry Association and of the Boston and Cincinnati Stock exchanges.

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