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A cash surplus generated by the sale of one block of securities and the purchase of another, e.g., selling a block of bonds at 99 and buying another block at 95. Also, a bid made to a seller of a security that is designed (and generally agreed) to take the seller out of the market.


1. Informal; to borrow.

2. Extra cash that an investor derives when he/she sells a position and then buys a similar position for a lower price.

3. To make a bid for the entirety of a security that a seller owns.

4. Informal for a merger or acquisition. The term comes from another informal term, "in play," which refers to a company either soliciting offers for a buy-out or vulnerable to a hostile takeover. A takeout means that the company involved as been "taken out of play."
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The small Greenes Road cafe beat countless chippies, Indian and Chinese takeaways to take the top prize at the first British Takeaway Awards on Monday.
BEN FOSTER has revealed how he broke into the Premier League on a diet of bacon sandwiches and Chinese takeaways.
WHEN it comes to Chinese takeaways, you might think you've seen it all before - gloopy sauces, deep-fried snacks and a whole world of pain for you the next time you get on the scales.
The analysis of certain meals at Indian and Chinese takeaways, by the Local Government Group, also examined salt and fat levels.
Inspectors from West Yorkshire Trading Standards tested dishes at a random sample of 25 Chinese takeaways across West Yorkshire after a customer complained about salty dishes at a takeaway in Keighley.
Kebabs, pizza and Chinese takeaways also made it to the list.
Most gamblers have an addictive personality which gets them hooked on other things like, for example, Chinese takeaways.
Hatton knows he will have to compromise his penchant for beer and Chinese takeaways if he is to rise to the challenge: "I don't think my weight will increase too much this time because the fight is not too far away and obviously it's the kind of fight you want to stay in shape for.
SHE loves her Chinese takeaways, has a fearsome reputation for sinking a drink and cheerfully admits to never doing a stroke of exercise.
Those surveyed have included people eating chocolate, chips and even Chinese takeaways while at the wheel.
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