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One who has bought a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting sale; the opposite of short.

Long Position

The ownership of a security or derivative, or the state of having bought one or the other. A long position brings with it the right to coupon payments or dividends attached to the security or derivative. Informally, one who owns 100 shares of a stock is said to be "long 100 of the stock." Likewise, an investor who has bought (or holds) an option is said to be "long the option" because he/she has the right to exercise the option at a later date. See also: Short position, Close a position.


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I've got Bulstrode but the Chinese Dragon was harder to find, even on the internet.
Young Patty Lee wants to be recognized as the top reader in fourth grade and earn the right to wear the Chinese dragon costume during the Read Across America Day parade.
The Chinese dragon is looked upon as the ultimate symbol of good fortune.
It was truly remarkable - a Chinese dragon and Felix the cat apparently emerging from an opening in the pavement.
South American carnival dancers, African drummers, Chinese dragon dancers, Irish pipers and a steel band will take part in a colourful procession through the city.
Earlier, he painted the eye of a Chinese dragon, symbolising life and energy.
Segal's white plaster-cast sculptures looked oddly Neoclassical with Hiram Powers's The Greek Slave down the hall, and Roy Lichtenstein's Large Spool, 1963, evoked some ancient ziggurat, as primal as the colossal Chinese dragon sculptures upstairs.
While the festivities continued, families browsed around the Chinese market stalls selling Chinese dragon puppets, drums and lanterns.
The week ended with the unveiling of the 40ft mural, a stunning Chinese Dragon procession and Tai Chi on the playground for pupils, staff and families.
Manama, January 2nd (BNA) --Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Services and Infrastructure chaired the special meeting concerned with discussing the feasibility of establishing a Chinese Dragon City in the area of Diyar Al Muharraq project in Bahrain, in presence of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr.
The Chinese dragon, lion and unicorn dances will take place at 11am in Berry Street, Nelson Street and Duke Street, and there will be a firecracker display at Great George Square.
Former Deputy Grand Master Rev Stephen Dickinson said he thought having a Chinese dragon at Eleventh Night celebrations in Tandragee was blasphemous.

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