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This year's theme is "human rights and social justice: Let's end child labour", reports Nepalnews.
"Magnitude and profile of child labour in the 1999's: Evidence from the NSS data," Social Scientist, Vol.32, No1-2, pp.45-73.
* Donor support for IPEC and its Statistical Information and Monitoring Programme on Child Labour (SIMPCL).
These three processes, household decision-making about children, the impact on the labour market, and the impact on fertility, combine to give a perverse signalling mechanism that tends to depress children's schooling, increase child labour, depress adult employment especially for women, and increase fertility rates.
He spoke on the occasion of the Symposium in commemoration of the 2019 World Day Against Child Labour, in Abuja; and at a rally organised by the ministry as part of events to mark the day.
'We hope that this will be one more step to redouble our efforts and our progress to advance, day by day, towards a world in which no child is subjected to child labour or exploitation and a world where decent work for all will be a reality,' said Martin Garcia Morit n, Argentina's representative to the UN.
The Chronicle is aware that child labour remains at very high levels in the cocoa sector, with an estimated 2.1 million children working in cocoa fields in Ivory Coast and Ghana alone, the Cocoa Barometer Report 2018 has revealed.
The Government is also implementing the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) Scheme for rehabilitation of child labour.
National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) member Chaudhry Shafeeq said efforts were underway to strictly implement child labour laws in the federal capital.
Local authorities were also to monitor minors from their schools to their homes to ensure that they did not engage in child labour.
"To make progress towards Zero Child Labour (SDG 8.7) the international community needs to reach scale', which requires more investments, FAO Assistant Director-General for Economic and Social Development Maximo Torero Cullen said.
The World Day against Child Labour is observed on June 12.

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