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Virginia Rometty: She is the Chief Executive Officer of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).
"Things are going well," said Anumolu, Chief Executive Officer. "Our work has been recognized.
Municipalities, chief executive officers, and police officers must have current and detailed guidelines to follow to perform in a professional manner.
Above all, Nader has convincingly demonstrated that even a non-ally of business can write an incredibly detailed and thoughtful book about chief executive officers. Only Ken Auletta's study of Schlumberger's former CEO, the late Jean Riboud, in The Art of Corporate Success, matches these Nader portraits.
Says May's Drug Stores president and chief executive officer Jerry Heller, NACDS means more to chain drug retailing than other trade associations mean to their respective sectors.
According to Cohen, the change will "free up" Jerry Cohen, who is handing down the office of president and chief executive officer to his son, and Ed Roos, Andrew Roos' father and predecessor, to concentrate more on their own property investments.
NEW YORK--As Louis Camilleri settles into his new position as president and chief executive officer of Philip Morris Cos., he is making his mark on the tobacco and food supplier by shaking up the executive ranks and looking to expand the company overseas.

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