checking the market

Checking the market

Searching for bid and offer prices from market makers to find the best deal.
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Checking the Market

The act of reviewing the current quotes for a security in order to find the best price. If one seeks to sell, checking the market involves reviewing the bids. On the other hand, if one seeks to buy, it means reviewing the asks. See also: Bid-ask spread.
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checking the market

To scan market maker quotations to find the lowest ask or highest bid for a security.
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Talking to Dawn, Rawalpindi Traders Association President Shahid Ghafoor Paracha said that they had requested the district administration to fix the prices of edibles taking into account inflation and after checking the market situation.
"We are currently investigating and checking the market to check on the availability of taclitaxel-coated balloons and paclitaxel-eluting stents," National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) chief executive Dr Mariam Al Jalahma told the GDN yesterday.
THE nation is obsessed with other people's houses, with 72% of home owners regularly checking the market in their area even if they have no plans to move.
They are checking the market daily and putting heavy fines on violators," said Mohammad Rafiq, a fish salesman from Pakistan.
The locals here blamed the state government, particularly the Consumer Affairs Public Distribution (CAPD) Department for not monitoring and checking the market prices during the month of Ramadan, when shopkeepers tend to fix prices at high rates.
In turn, McLeish has been checking the market for quality competition, if not a top-flight replacement, for Taylor.
A common concern for candidates, whether partner, solicitor, legal executive, paralegal or a legal secretary looking to the market for alternative employment is whether their details will be sent freely to every law firm in the region, including their own employer and whether checking the market would in fact be detrimental to their current position.
Barnes has been checking the market and will present a number of possibilities, ranging from a top- drawer striker to a veteran with a season or two left, to the board.
They can get this savvy by checking the market reports.
Don't just accept the first offer you get from your pension provider as you could be quids in by checking the market for a better deal.
For you can typically get up to 20 per extra by checking the market. If you are unwell or smoke, specialist providers may offer up to 40 per cent more.
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