checking the market

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Checking the market

Searching for bid and offer prices from market makers to find the best deal.
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Checking the Market

The act of reviewing the current quotes for a security in order to find the best price. If one seeks to sell, checking the market involves reviewing the bids. On the other hand, if one seeks to buy, it means reviewing the asks. See also: Bid-ask spread.
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checking the market

To scan market maker quotations to find the lowest ask or highest bid for a security.
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It is worth mentioning here that people also have no idea about the departments whose duty is to check the market prices and keep these within customers' reach.
Apart from leaving the door open for an increased offer, Harbinger also said it would allow CENT, after an agreement is signed, to check the market for potentially higher offers.
The only way to get the best deals is to check the market yourself and compare what's on offer.
AIF you want someone to simply check the market and provide you with the best priced policy then efficiency is probably most important.
"I can't speak for the Saudis but a number of countries are happy to check the market if there is any shortage," Sada said, without naming any specific countries.
That way you can check the market value at the end of every month, and independently verify that these values are correct, if you wish.
The owners were charging 55 to 65 rupees per kg milk and 50 to 60 per kg yoghurt while the administration could not taking any steps to check the market. The public and social circles of the area appealed from the high ups to send samples to laboratories while strict action would be taken against the offenders.
This type of colt often bounces back at four, so check the market.
He added that, just to be on the safe side, orders had been given to officers from the Health Services to check the market for any dairy products of Chinese origin.
Check the market value before you head for the garage - the valuation section of is a useful guide - and if you don't like what you are offered, go elsewhere or sell privately.