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1. A change in a security's price quickly followed by another change in the opposite direction. For example, a security could rise $1 then quickly lose $2, or it could fall 50 cents then rise 75 cents. Whipsaws are significant risks for day traders and speculators who may lose large amounts of money in short-term trading.

2. To buy securities at a market top or to sell at a market bottom. That is, one whipsaws when one buys or sells securities at exactly the worst possible time. One whipsaws out of fear or out of misreading market signals. To whipsaw is also called to chatter.
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"The chattering classes have decided that this first stage of the extension of devolution under the 2006 Act was always an irritating obstacle to the final stage, which is full devolution," he said.
Brown is sometimes criticised by the chattering classes of Middle England for his public image.
I say three cheers to The Sun, because on this occasion the chattering classes and liberal elite have gauged the whole debate wrongly and do not understand the compass of opinion within the nation about Mr Brown and his administration.
Our chattering classes show not the same forbearance.
In these 12 essays, Steven Salaita diagnoses the inadequacy of critical thought amongst the 'chattering classes' and shows anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia existing in places where we would least expect it.
WHILE Liverpool's chattering classes beat themselves up over the city's involvement with slavery, we have another seafaring skeleton in our closet.
Let the metropolitan chattering classes snigger and sneer all they like.
Two decades ago, the chattering classes fretted about economic upheaval rising from Japan and the Asian Tigers.
PAUL Gascoigne's tears prompted an English football revolution, forcing it into the dinner-party conversation of the chattering classes and alerting Rupert Murdoch to the need to invest in what had become the hottest property in satellite television's short lifespan.
The chattering classes are masters of turning proximal harms into distant harms--to others.
Why would a man, desperate for the attention of the chattering classes, a man who would give up his citizenship to be called a Lord in someone else's country throw it all away?