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The local stock market is seen to firm up this week as there is still so much cash chasing returns in the financial system.
People aren't chasing returns like they did before the financial crisis," said Goldberg, noting the 20% growth in deferred annuities last year.
Chasing returns will lead to buying high and selling low, the complete antithesis of an investor's goal.
Meanwhile, investors are encouraged to place increasing emphasis on risk management, rather than chasing returns.
Or, to prevent participants from chasing returns, you might want to make it difficult for someone to day trade in his defined contribution (DC) plan-though, if someone really wants to day trade, I'm sure he will find a way.
In the good Limes, it is imperative that you assess your risk tolerance and adhere to your comfort level as opposed to chasing returns.
Employers had begun chasing returns for shareholders at the expense of workers' rights and social protection at work.
On more than a couple of occasions, the Scot opted out of chasing returns and conceded the points.
In today's environment as HNWI clients expect their relationships with firms and advisers to create broader, more sustained value than in the pre-crisis years when they were more heavily focused on chasing returns.
So, rather than chasing returns without fully considering the implications we advocate a planned approach to investing mindful of the risks out there.
CHASING returns to Sligo today for the first time in 11 years, writes Tony O'Hehir.
Just chasing returns could get newcomers into trouble, particularly if the market turns around.