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Articles of Incorporation

A document outlining the basic functions of a company. Among other things, it states whether it will be an S Corporation or a C Corporation and how many authorized shares there will be. It also states how its corporate governance and operations will work. A company that seeks to incorporate must file articles of incorporation with the appropriate authority. In the United States, that authority is usually the states and sometimes the federal government. It is also called a corporate charter or simply a charter. See also: Charter Amendment Limitations.


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The work was to mark the 150th anniversary of the granting of Middlesbrough's Charter of Incorporation in 1853.
The event is also part of festivities to celebrate the town being granted the Royal Charter of Incorporation in 1905, attaining county borough status.
In 1877,Birkenhead's population had risen to 52,481and the town received its Charter of Incorporation, the first local authority in Wirral to have the honour.
AS Councillor Khan is our lead on tourism, I wonder how far his plans are advanced to commemorate any of the following, which take place in 2015: 670 years since we gained our Charter of Incorporation, the first town in Britain to be given this honour.
Henry Vlll granted Sutton its first Charter of Incorporation, decreeing that the "town and village shall for ever hereafter be called the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield".
The position's origin dates back to November 5, 1838, when a Charter of Incorporation appointed Birmingham as a parliamentary borough which permitted Brum to have an elected town council with its own mayor.
It was also unveiled with the intention that it be a celebration of the charter of incorporation being granted to Merthyr.

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