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The simplest chaotic dynamical system is the Bernoulli shift described by Palmore [8]:
Recently, chaotic dynamical systems become very popular in science and engineering.
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of Tebessa, Algeria) has selected papers from the past decade pertaining to the topic announced in the title--both experimental and theoretical aspects of problems arising in the study of both discrete and continuous time chaotic dynamical systems modeling.
In practice, discrete-time chaotic dynamical systems are more important than continuous ones, and many models including neural networks, biological process, physical process, and chemical process are described by discrete-time chaotic dynamical models [11].
Pecora and Carroll [6] introduced the idea of synchronization for possibly chaotic dynamical systems. The synchronization phenomena are concerned with two identical systems, which can be coupled in such a way that the solution of one always converges to the solution of the other, independently of the initial conditions and parameters.
When the state vector and the output are perturbed due to some reason, a class of chaotic dynamical systems can be described in the following equations:
In chaotic dynamical systems theory, the largest Lyapunov exponent can be portrayed as a whole (long-term) average forecast error growth rate, which generally describes the divergence of nonlinear chaotic systems.
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