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The conceptual framework developed guiding the APN's systematic approach is grounded in the tenets of chaos theory in which the individual's life is perceived as a complex dynamic system that is inseparable from his or her environment.
In terms of epistemology, chaos theory is based on fractal geometry, which focuses on nonlinear and incorrect systems and descriptive algorithm, not on linear and correct systems of Euclidean geometry.
The final lesson in the chaos theory of careers unit focuses on 'luck readiness', an openness to change so as to best use the potential of future events.
Applications of chaos theory in analyzing the cardiac rhythm in healthy subjects at different sleep.
Turn-of-the-20th-century scientist Henri Poincare is considered the grandfather of chaos theory.
Chaos Theory in the Social Sciences: Foundations and Applications.
However, for the purposes of this article, a brief outline of the chaos theory of careers is presented.
Thus, the postmodernist also dispenses with modernism's binary distinction and hierarchy of order/disorder, replacing it with an attitude resembling the two primary branches of chaos theory, which investigate "order as the possible emanation of disorder, and chaos as one possible result of an overly stringent order--the process by which one becomes the other" (9).
Chaos theory clarifies the behavior of a complex system, such as the weather or the emergency room where I work.
Therefore, this article explores the Puerto Rican ethnic identity using the concepts and principles of chaos theory.
Chaos theory is based on the idea that tiny changes can lead to large-scale effects over time and that apparently random fluctuations can still lead to surprisingly similar shapes, such as the way that rivers tend to meander in the same way as long as they aren't constrained by narrow valleys.
THE EXTRAS: Audio commentaries by director and screenwriter, deleted scenes, trailers, a storyboard gallery, documentaries about chaos theory and the possibilities of time travel, an interesting trivia subtitle track and a closer look at the special effects.