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Iranian chain stores generally offer their goods at prices lower than what is printed on packages.
In the biggest climb since a 2009 chain store boom, brands like Dunkin Donuts, Metro PCS and Chipotle bulldozed their way into the city in a blaze of real estate-eating franchises.
He claimed chain stores 'proliferate like weeds', adding: 'Unless we can figure out how to weed some of the identikit, chain store shopfronts from our High Streets, we'll all end up living in clone towns.
The report says the chain stores "proliferate like weeds in the garden.
Tony Rose, publisher and CEO of ACGI, said African American publishers usually have to split revenues with distributors and wholesalers to supply national chain stores "with the publisher receiving their share last.
Sir, - Recent correspondents complaining that the council's promotion of the Frankfurt Market undermines local trade would do well to consider the homogenised mass of chain stores and supermarkets along Birmingham's main streets and in the new Bullring.
Other challenges include the difficulty of finding reliable employees, whimsical customers, and the corporation's insistence that the chain stores strictly adhere to the corporate formula, regardless of the local environment--a denial of the flexibility most small, independently owned businesses desperately need.
Officials representing national chain stores told the kids they pay an average of $5,000 per store nationwide in claims related to shopping cart damage to cars in their parking lots.
Both motor vehicle sales and sales at major chain stores, some of our most current information on consumer spending, appear to have fallen off noticeably.
Still, McMurtry enjoys the America that so many highbrows deride: the America of chain stores, Burger Kings, and roadside billboards.
She notes that gay offerings at chain stores are never very diverse, saying, "Bookstores have become like McDonald's or Burger King.
Out-of-town-based chain stores, for example, won't accept it.