chartered financial consultant

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Chartered Financial Consultant

A professional certificate offered through the American College in Pennsylvania. The certification qualifies one to consult on financial matters, especially for individuals and small businesses. In order to qualify for a ChFC, one must have worked a certain number of years in the financial industry and complete eight to nine courses in income tax, insurance, employee benefits, investment, and estate planning, among others. The certification itself is awarded after an exam. See also: Certified financial planner.

chartered financial consultant (ChFC)

A professional financial planner who has completed a series of courses and examinations in subject areas such as economics, insurance, real estate, and tax shelters. The designation is awarded by the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA. Compare certified financial planner.
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Note that HFCS can hybridize the constant factor and the random sequence or the chaotic sequence, resulting in two algorithms: HFCS with the combination of the constant factor and the random sequence similarly done in [22], termed as rHFCS, and HFCS with the combination of the constant factor and the chaotic sequence same generated in [23], called cHFCS.
Nussbaum's description of the CHFCs was an effort "to summarize the empirical findings of a broad cross-cultural inquiry" (Nussbaum, 2000, p.
Yet the inaugural class of CFPs (1973), and the first class of ChFCs (1982) were there to help employers and employees with complexity that far outpaces the four components in the Journal of Health Economics study.
For example, the Society of Financial Service Professionals has members that are estate planning attorneys, CPAs, tax attorneys, trust officers, CLUs, ChFCs, CFPs, investment people, etc.
Did not discuss the ethical pledges of ChFCs, CLUs and CFPs or the roles of employers and pension providers.
The firm has an advanced sales group with lawyers, CLUs, ChFCs and CFPs.
Larry Skurnik, a Measurement Research Specialist, covered a large number of CFPs and ChFCs as well as others in the field.
Trust departments, attorneys, CPas, CFPs, ChFCs and other professional advisers joyfully extend their services to clients with wealth.
ChFCs must meet experience requirements and pass exams covering finance and investing.
This should contain lists of not only attorneys but also CPAs, CFPs, CLUs and ChFCs, trust officers, and other key members of the estate planning team.
Likewise, CLUs can earn ChFCs by passing three additional courses.