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A negative impact on one or more of a firm's existing assets.


1. The gradual loss of an asset's value. See also: Depreciation.

2. The wearing away of real estate caused by natural events. For example, a rising sea level may erode a beach front property. Erosion can reduce the property's value.


The slow wearing away by natural forces such as water and wind.

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Cervical erosion, cervicitis and PID should be diagnosed by complete gynaecological examination; pH test and Whiff test has no role in diagnosis.
Majority of the patients had cervical erosion (74%), in that 44 % had only erosion cervix, 30% hypertrophied cervix with erosion, 21% had hypertrophied cervix which bleeds on touch.
On pelvic examination cervix was hypertrophied, cervical erosion was present.
CHECK IT OUT Bleeding after sex may be caused by cervical polyps, an infection called chlamydia or cervical erosion.
The most common clinical finding was cervical erosion in both the groups (58% among rural and 57% among urban patients).