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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A title held often by the Chairperson of the Board, or the president. The person principally responsible for the activities of a company.

Chief Executive Officer

In a corporation, the highest ranking officer in the company. In smaller companies, the chief executive officer may be combined with the president (the second-highest officer). The CEO has the responsibility of setting the overarching goals of the company and ensuring that they are met. He/she often serves as a point person between the company's management and the board of directors. The CEO is usually a member of the board of directors himself/herself. Generally speaking, the smaller a firm is, the more day-to-day management responsibilities the CEO has.


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For those physicians aspiring to be CEOs, understanding what it takes to be a competitive candidate is critical to career management.
If this provision extends to other federal tax returns, or worse, is copied by other jurisdictions, CEOs will have little time to properly perform their other substantial duties.
CEOs must be able, through strong leadership, to build consensus across a broad set of constituencies.
Of course, CEOs like Senderos would be difficult to woo.
She couldn't ask for a better role model--her legendary father, JPC founder, chairman and CEO John H.
But what does leadership mean, and how can a CEO provide it?
Continuing earlier patterns, 46 percent of growth company CEOs say they will look to hire more professionals and technicians, and 42 percent will add sales and marketing personnel.
In this sense, encouraging CEOs to blog is like encouraging them to clean up the local lake or remove graffiti from public transportation.