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Instead of caucus votes, the number will be determined by the statewide vote.
The Senate Auto Caucus plays an important role in representing an incredibly diverse industry with a significant impact on the U.
I just used the same skills to create the Caucus on Homelessness website.
The success of the caucus activities can be gauged from the fact that it started with 28 members one year ago, but today has about 50 members," said U.
Given the polarized political climate we've evolved to, the caucus system does not represent the majority of the citizens and limits effective dialog.
With the assistance of OneVoice and its partners, the Caucus will seek to utilize legislation, political meetings, and public events to promote effective efforts to resuscitate the peace process.
The UAV caucus will educate lawmakers about the value of these systems and help create policy related to UAV development and deployment.
Representative Alcee Hastings (D-FL) invited members of the caucus to Florida to learn first-hand how the state's system might provide ideas for potential positive federal policy modifications to improve outcomes for children in the system.
The House Sportsmen's Caucus will serve many different purposes.
In late August, Nakasone drew strong opposition from some members when he requested that LDP upper house caucus executives including Kenji Kosaka -- a close friend whom he appointed last year as secretary general for the caucus -- be retained.
The names of the members of this bipartisan Caucus have not yet been revealed.
As the 112th begins, we are writing to invite you to consider joining the Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Caucus.