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Two espaliered dwarf pears catch the sun against one wall of the house; along another wall is an 8-foot border with cutting flowers.
Ray of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland contends his measurements show that an ancient tomb at Newgrange, about 30 miles from Dublin, may have been deliberately designed to catch the sun's rays at the solstice.
When inside, try to stay in the coolest parts of your home and keep your curtains and blinds closed in rooms that catch the sun.
We take our pints of Tanners outside to where a couple of benches catch the sun. There's a car park beyond and beyond that a small field that looks familiar.
A four-song encore ensued, a visceral, air-punching rendition of Catch The Sun being the pick of the bunch.
The first is a 15-track selection of favourites like There Goes The Fear, Black and White Town, The Cedar Room, Catch The Sun and Jetsteam together with new single Andalucia.
EdITOR's LETTER with Jon perks As you read this I will have just come back from my late summer holiday - which for me not only means the chance to relax, catch the sun and enjoy some local food and drink, but also to catch up on my reading.
Set it on a table or stand, and lean the solar box against it at the most effective angle to catch the sun' s rays.
Their back-catalogue which also includes indie favourites There Goes The Fear, Words and Catch The Sun as well as Ain't No Love, their debut single under the guise of 1990s dance outfit Sub Sub - can frequently be heard on television soundtracks.
The spa's plan was determined by orientation and the need to catch the sun. Containing an indoor pool, changing rooms, gym, sauna and all the other accoutrements of a modern health centre, the building forms the northern edge of a southerly stone-lined courtyard.
The first step was to add an extension which included a room where the Beatties could catch the sun while taking in the views.